Stop Mailing Wine as a Gift Or Go to Jail For It

You know your uncle Pete loves wine. He’s crazy about the stuff and you want to surprise him. Just imagine how much he’d love to see a new tasty bottle of a wine he’s never seen show up in the mail. But what you haven’t imagined yet, is where your package gets sent to inspection and a federal agent comes knocking. You could have actually just broken alcohol shipping laws in your state.

Who thought shipping wine as a gift was going to be so difficult?

Here’s the thing, according to my understanding of state laws, you’re not supposed to ship alcohol from one person to another. However, there’s a loophole in a few states which will get your bottle where it’s going.

There’s a stipulation in the law here in the US. It has to do with something called Common Carrier and it allows carriers such as Fedex to overlook things. You’ll want to see which laws apply in your state before shipping your package.

There’s also another method where you can ship directly from the winery, to the carrier. You might want to consider that.

If you want to jump to the end and stop playing games just to get such a simple thing done – after all, we’re talking about delivering a gift – then just make things simpler with my recommendation. Pick an online wine shop and ship through them. These guys are already setup with the proper infrastructure to sell and ship wine, and you avoid having to deal with it yourself.

What do you think? Do we have a win-win here? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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