Selling Your Home Fast After A Divorce In Florida

If you’ve recently gone through a divorce in Florida and need to sell your home as part of the divorce, you don’t have to rely on real estate agents. You can go through a company that buys houses as is.

This can save you a lot of fees and the cost of any repairs that may be needed in the home before a sale. Our services buy houses as is and you’ll never have to pay for any repairs or maintenance in order to sell your home.

In a divorce proceeding, the judge may award one spouse the opportunity to live in the house during the divorce but typically, the judge will determine that the home should be sold and the assets divided between the two spouses.

Many divorcing couples agree on everything except who should have the house. This is left up to the courts to decide. Typically, they require the couple to sell the home and divide the assets.

If you’re in a hurry to sell a house after a divorce, this is the easiest way to do it. You won’t have to stress over the house being on the market for a long time.


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You’ll appreciate how fast you can sell your house when you go through our services. It doesn’t matter which of the spouses sets this into motion.

To start the process you’ll give our office a call and we’ll ask you a few questions. After answering the questions we’ll schedule an appointment to see your house. Typically, this is the next day.

We’ll go through your house with you and take some notes. After we’ve completed this portion of the process we’ll leave and go over some figures.

We’ll give you a call within a day or so and make an offer on your house. You’re under no obligation to accept our offer. If you choose not to accept our offer there is no need to pay us you can just tell us that you’re not going to accept the offer.

If you choose to accept our offer, we’ll set a date with you for the closing of the home. On that date, we’ll meet with you again for you to sign the house over to us and at that time we’ll give you your money, cash in hand.

It’s really fast and easy and usually can be done in about 30 days. This saves you from having to leave your house on the market for weeks, months or even years on end.

We know you want to start over and be done with everything after a divorce. We’ve made it very simple and easy for you to accomplish this with just a few easy steps.

Our services will never charge you any fees. You’ll never have to make any repairs or do any maintenance regardless of the condition of the home. We know you’re in a hurry and we’re ready to go so that you can get on with your life.

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